(dsssl) tex translation error?

Subject: (dsssl) tex translation error?
From: Lane Stevens <lane@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 15:54:48 -0600
I have an xml dtd that describes a status report.  An element of the dtd
gets #PCDATA of arbitrary length.  This is a description of an issue, and
may be many sentances in length.

If the contents of this tag are *long* (say 200 characters), then the *.tex
file that is produced by openjade causes pdfjadetex to complain about a
misplaced \cr.  The line referenced (I'm assuming that is what the number in
the log file relates to) is much further down in both the *.tex file and
(obviously) the *.xml file than the section that *appears* to cause the 

The statement in the log file is:

! Misplaced \cr.
\reserved@c ->\ifnum 0=`{}\fi \cr 
l.444 \endTeXTable
I can't figure out why you would want to use a tab mark
or \cr or \span just now. If something like a right brace
up above has ended a previous alignment prematurely,
you're probably due for more error messages, and you
might try typing `S' now just to see what is salvageable.

Any suggestions or pointers to other information would be greatly

Lane Stevens
Terrapin Technologies, Inc.

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