RE: (dsssl) DSSSL primer?

Subject: RE: (dsssl) DSSSL primer?
From: janusz.prusaczyk@xxxxxx
Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2001 14:08:25 +0200
> Yes, but you can't write a PostScript "stylesheet" to process your
> SGML or XML markup to process and produce pages the way that you can
> with DSSSL or with TeX macros.  (Actually, you could theoretically do
> it with PostScript, but I contend that no-one in their right mind
> would do so.

Well, such a thing does exist, though you can argue that you can not
call it a "stylesheet". It is comercial library for PostScript
interpreters called XGF (now it is called VIPP or smth like that) and 
is sold by Xerox. One of the possibilities of this package is to apply
something that in XML world would be called (do not catch me on this word)
a styleshhet to a plain text file sent to printer. <joking>I hope they 
were in their right minds...</joking>

> PostScript is a page-description language.  DSSSL is a stylesheet (and
> semantics and transformation) language.

The point in comparing was: We have backend for RTF -> which does not allow 
to do something interesting -> but there is some other format that does
this -> we can write backend for this format -> but will DSSSL allow us 
define rules to use these features? 

I was not trying to compare DSSSL and PostScript, just asking whether DSSSL
able to express such definitions? I thought the answer might be that my
format will limit my possibilities. That is why I mentioned PostScript (it
be PDF or even... smth else.)

> I wrote it.

I see... Thanks for the link. Sorry for my ignorance... I will buy it if it
make it to Polish bookshops. I am interested in the subject.

Best regards,

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