(dsssl) Count and Display <week><question> tags. How?

Subject: (dsssl) Count and Display <week><question> tags. How?
From: Jeremy Cowgar <jcowgar@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 11:04:19 -0400
I am sorry for posting such a simplistic question to the list but I have searched the net up and down and I am new to DSSSL in general. I started learning it by doing some of my homework with it for college and tonight I have to turn in my questions and answers but I can't make them print correctly!

Here's what I have done:

<question>How old are you?

<question>What color hair do you have?

What I want to come out of DSSSL is:

Week 1
[1] How old are you?

[2] What color hair do you have?

Week 2

I have used DSSSL for many other things such as notes, studies, sermons, etc... but I never had the need to number items like this time and I am in a real bind. Can anyone tell me how to do this or point me in the right direction? Oh, I already have everything working except the numbering. It simply says Week, [] How old are you? ...etc...


Jeremy Cowgar - jcowgar@xxxxxxxxx

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