(dsssl) Practical Bibliography question

Subject: (dsssl) Practical Bibliography question
From: "Markus Hoenicka" <hoenicka_markus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2001 23:02:06 -0500

while this is no short-term solution, you might have a look at my
RefDB project (http://refdb.sourceforge.net). This is a SQL-based
reference database that creates bibliographies for BibTeX and DocBook
(and no, not yet for TEI, which may be the sobering fact
here). Technically it would not be hard at all to add a TEI backend
and to tweak some stylesheets in a similar fashion like I did with
Norm Walsh's DocBook stylesheets. I have never worked with TEI or its
stylesheets so I can't say whether this would really work. But if
there is demand for such a thing (with n>1, ideally), we might look at


Trent Shipley writes:
 > The project to format my dissertation using DSSSL and OpenJade is coming 
 > along adequately.
 > However it will hit a snag when I get to the bibliography.
 > It is in an "uncooked" list of <TEI:biblStruct>s
 > These bear very little resemblence to the form dictated by the style of the 
 > American Anthropology Association.
 > The AAA format depends on several factors.
 > The most salient is that if there are two works in your reference section by 
 > the same group of authors published in the same year then the date should be 
 > decorated with a lower-case letter.
 >      This means that you need to compare the date and author list of the 
 > current biblStruct to those in its predicessor, and if they match then your 
 > increment a counter.  Decorate the publication year according to this pattern:
 > Counter | suffix
 > 0          |    nil
 > 1          |    'a'
 > 2          |    'b'
 > etc.            etc.
 > =============
 > Is it reasonable to use this general recipie to too "cook" a bibliography?
 > Get list of works cited in the main text using Perl or XSL tool.
 > Edit master bibliography by hand to get list of references actually used
 > Transform raw Raw-References to Pre-Cooked References of form TEI:bibl using 
 > XSL tool.
 > Transform Pre-Cooked list of <TEI:bibl>s using OpenJade+JadeTeX
 > ===============
 > What XSL tool (if any) would you recommend?
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Markus Hoenicka

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