Re: (dsssl) Practical Bibliography question

Subject: Re: (dsssl) Practical Bibliography question
From: "Markus Hoenicka" <hoenicka_markus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2001 23:18:22 -0500
It may be a good time to look into this right now. I just finished the
BibTeX stuff, and after a few unavoidable bugfix releases there are
two major things to to: Add either DocBook XML/XSL support (if this is
possible at all, I'm not yet convinced), or do some TEI/DSSSL work. I
will certainly familiarize myself with TEI and TEIL and see how far I
can get. The primary approach would certainly be like with the DocBook
stylesheets. They are implemented as driver files, so there is no need
for changes in Norm Walsh's "canonical" stylesheets. I'll get back to
the list when I need help, but suggestions are welcome at any time.


Sebastian Rahtz writes:
 > If you'd like to do it, the TEI Consortium would  be very glad to
 > assist and publicize such work. I can make the stylesheets do whatever
 > is needed.
 > Sebastian Rahtz
 > (member of TEI C Board of Directors)
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