Re: (dsssl) Practical Bibliography question

Subject: Re: (dsssl) Practical Bibliography question
From: "Sebastian Rahtz" <sebastian.rahtz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 6 Oct 2001 15:27:26 +0100
Trent Shipley writes: 

  > However, I can't seem to do much of any useful
  > tree traversal, querying, and so on in OpenJade without a heck of a
  > lot of work.  I spend a couple days trying to figure out how to
  > enumerate a sub-list of elements based on the value of an
  > atribute.
um. would it not be better to write the dissertation content instead
of wandering down these byways?

 > The point is that I am hoping SAXON will have a pretty full
 > implementation of Xpointers that will make the transformation much
 > easier.
Saxon does not implement Xpointers. Why do you think you need them.

 > important.  I need to writing the dissertation.  Laying the d***
 > thing out myself is just a poverty induced obstacle.

just use LaTeX like we all did in the good old days

 >     I'm still upset that I had to resort to level-labeled TEI
 > <DIVn>s instead of the generically nesting DIV element to get
 > endnote formatting to come out right.

eh? why was that hard? by the way, since you use TEI, you do know that
I maintain a large and complex set of TEI XSLT stylesheets to
generate both HTML and XSL FO, which are much more developed than
Light's TEI DSSSL work?

 >    And that doesn't even address the lingering frustration of using
 > endnotes instead of real footnotes, or having to use the IGNORE
 > feature to hide comment level notes to get endnote numbering right,
 > or not being able to display comment notes as side notes instead of
 > as monospaced in-line text, or
excuse me, but I think that all these are really pretty easy to
implement. you'd get them all done already in Docbook, I suspect, or
the TEI XSLT stylesheets

 > (Ah they're all nits,  I need to lighten up and get back to writing.
 >       Writing important.
 >               Formatting obstacle.)
now you know why so many people use Word to write their thesis!


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