Re: (dsssl) Practical Bibliography question

Subject: Re: (dsssl) Practical Bibliography question
From: Trent Shipley <tcshipley@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2001 16:08:59 -0700
> by the way, since you use TEI, you do know that
> I maintain a large and complex set of TEI XSLT stylesheets to
> generate both HTML and XSL FO, which are much more developed than
> Light's TEI DSSSL work?

no.  I did not know that.
   Would you care to elaborate?

>  >     I'm still upset that I had to resort to level-labeled TEI
>  > <DIVn>s instead of the generically nesting DIV element to get
>  > endnote formatting to come out right.
> eh? why was that hard? 

Mostly because I don't know what I'm doing, and there are no DSSSL textbooks. 
 There are two short tutorials, the text of the ISO standard, the 
just-enough-to-be-frustrating documentation for the DocBook stylesheets and 
above all, patterns in Light's stylesheet.  (Actually, the DocBook DSSSL 
would be useful even for TEIL provided that I had a week to familiarize 
myself with the material.)


For notes Light has:
(element-number-list (list "DIV" "NOTE"))

and this for section numbers

     (if (TOP-LEVEL-DIV?)
         (list (child-number node))
         (cons (child-number node)
   	       (number-clause (parent node)))))

I had

<div type="chapter">
blah blah <note>thinga</note>
<div type="section">[<head>bar</head>]?
yadda yadda <note>majig</note>

I got the DIV numbering to work ok.  It would have problems if I had an 
untitled section among tittled sections but serendipdously this never occurs 
so that little bug is irrelevant.

The problem was that I needed to
A) Enumerate only those notes with an attribute type of "general" 

I couldn't find an example of how to do this so I just hide all the notes 
that tell me to double check spelling and so on with a 
<!ELEMENT % comment "IGNORE> toggle.

B) Enumeration should be for DIV's of type chapter.  I couldn't figure out 
how to do this either.

For this level I could have argued that the note counter should be reset 
based on a DIV having no ancestor DIV or (better) on DIV having a value of 
"chapter" or "appendix" (that is, a value in a chapter-level family).


>  >    And that doesn't even address the lingering frustration of using
>  > endnotes instead of real footnotes, or having to use the IGNORE
>  > feature to hide comment level notes to get endnote numbering right,
>  > or not being able to display comment notes as side notes instead of
>  > as monospaced in-line text, or
> excuse me, but I think that all these are really pretty easy to
> implement. you'd get them all done already in Docbook, I suspect, or
> the TEI XSLT stylesheets

I am *now* aware that they are available in DocBook.  I did not know that 
when I decided to code in TEIL.

What would be involved in converting to 
TEI --> XSLT(TEI) --> :fo --> (steps)* --> ps|pdf

(I did do some research on XSLT programming before trying DSSSL so I probably 
wouldn't be any worse at that than DSSSL)

Trent Shipley

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