Re: (dsssl) raw text

Subject: Re: (dsssl) raw text
From: Trent Shipley <tcshipley@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001 16:19:53 -0700
On Friday 12 October 2001 00:51, you wrote:
> Trent Shipley writes:
>  > would be to magically allow OpenJade to be used to produce
>  > formatted raw text output. [1]
> there are loads of ways to get text from dvi, PostScript or PDF. or
> you could use the RTF backend, read into Word, and save as text. or I
> am sure there are HTML to text programs
> sebastia
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As I understand it, if you want raw HTML output from OpenJade then you must 
write a new stylesheet and use OJ extentsions.

Will programs like LaTeX2HTML or TEX4ht (per Goosens and Rahtz 1999 [<== 
useful, readable book]) perform satisfactorilly on JadeTeX output?

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