Re: (dsssl) raw text

Subject: Re: (dsssl) raw text
From: David Carlisle <davidc@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2001 10:23:40 +0100

> As I understand it, if you want raw HTML output from OpenJade then you must 
> write a new stylesheet and use OJ extentsions.

well technically the SGML backend is an extension but since it has been
in jade since the beginning and jade is effectively the only dsssl
engine, it hardly compromises portability. If you are looking for a
standardised version of jade's SGML backend then effectively you are
looking at XSL.

> Will programs like LaTeX2HTML or TEX4ht (per Goosens and Rahtz 1999 [<== 
> useful, readable book]) perform satisfactorilly on JadeTeX output?

No. they will all make a spectacularly bad job, as you would have set
them an impossible task.

In your original SGML you know what is (for example) a section title
and using a html generating stylesheet you could map that to <h2> or
<h3> or whatever.

By the time you've passed your document through the flow object
stylesheet and the tex back end, all you have essentially is a long list
of paragraphs with explicit font changes. You could try to back infer
the structure from the font changes but it's never going to be reliable.


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