(dsssl) rules in headers/footers

Subject: (dsssl) rules in headers/footers
From: curt brune <curt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2001 09:14:41 -0800

I'm trying to getting a full page horizontal rule in my footers. This is not
a new topic for this list:  


At that time, however, the answer was to hack the backend.  The problem
stemming from the fact the rule is not an inline flowobject which the footer
requires.  I'm wondering if things have changed.

Ideally I would like a horizontal rule that stretches over the top of the
page-*-footer outputs.  For example:
(page-inner-footer)          (page-center-footer)         (page-outer-footer)

I'm guessing the same technique could be applied to headers as well, though
I am currently not interested in rules in the headers, but someone else
propably is.



Curt Brune       
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
GLAST -- Flight Software Group

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