RE: (dsssl) ANN: SGML for NT updated - now contains XML

Subject: RE: (dsssl) ANN: SGML for NT updated - now contains XML
From: "Andrey Taranov" <andrey@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2001 21:06:21 +0300

>> > Does anyone have any clean binaries available for OpenJade?
>>Should I just
>> > try compiling from sources?
>>This should not be a problem as long as you have MSVC++6. You may also
>>check the archive of the openjade list. Someone tried to build the
>>latest CVS version on Windows but I haven't seen any binaries yet. It
>>is indeed kinda strange that there is no one out there with MSVC *and*
>>some webspace to host a binary.

I've got some experience in building OpenJade under NT/2000. It is somewhat
tricky to get error messages right. Either incorrect namespace setting, or
incorrect build order is responsible for that, don't remember exactly.

As for the latest CVS version, it does not build under NT at all. Everything
seems to be broken, especially wide character stuff. So, I still use,
occasionally patch and build on the jade_1_3_branch.

I got some rather good binaries down here, error reporting ok. And I thing
the most appropriate place to put them is on file
area. Maybe on your site too, Markus?

What do you think?

Andrey Taranov,
Customized Information Systems,
Moscow, Russia

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