Re: (dsssl) ANN: SGML for NT updated - now contains XML

Subject: Re: (dsssl) ANN: SGML for NT updated - now contains XML
From: "Markus Hoenicka" <hoenicka_markus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2001 23:08:51 -0600
Putting them on SourceForge is the way to go, IMHO. My employer does
not provide me with webspace, so I use other free and nonfree means to
host my stuff, but space is always limited. I'll provide a link in my
tutorial as soon as I see the binaries on SourceForge. And many thanks
to Andrey for providing these binaries. This is a major step forward
for the plain Win32 users.

BTW the wide character stuff in the latest OpenJade/SP is also the
reason why I can't build them with Cygwin. I'm also stuck with 1.3.4
until I find the time to sort this out.


Brandon Ibach writes:
 >    Send 'em my way.  I'll put them on SourceForge. :)  If Markus wants
 > to post them on his site as well, perhaps he could just grab them from
 > there?

Markus Hoenicka

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