Re: (dsssl) stuck on an inner-header

Subject: Re: (dsssl) stuck on an inner-header
From: Holger Klawitter <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2001 11:30:16 +0100

>      (htitle (select-elements
>                (descendants (sgml-root-element))
>                (normalize "title"))))
> but the inner-header just comes out as "AAA::BBB" (yes, I put those in for a
> sanity check). But I'm expecting "AAA:eggs and ham:BBB"; this is the xml
> input:

I had similar problems with (sgml-root-element) which seems to be something
even on top of the element one might consider as the root element.

I normally use
	(node-list-first (ancestors (current-node)))
as a workaound.

With kind regards / Mit freundlichem Gruß
    Holger Klawitter
Holger Klawitter

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