Re: (dsssl) JadeTeX: link problem with pdftex

Subject: Re: (dsssl) JadeTeX: link problem with pdftex
From: Brandon Ibach <bibach@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 03:06:55 -0600
Quoting Markus Hoenicka <hoenicka_markus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> while fiddling with driver files for Norm Walsh's DocBook DSSSL
> stylesheets I came across a problem with links in the pdftex
> output. Under certain circumstances the links appear as such in the
> PDF file (cursor changes shape etc), but the links are non-functional,
> i.e. clicking the link does not jump to the target.
> I think the culprit are modes in the stylesheet. If the target of a
> link is created from within a mode, the link fails. If the target is
> created outside an explicit mode, the link works properly.
   You've diagnosed the "problem" perfectly.  The JadeTeX macros
intentionally do not create link "destinations" within modes.  This is
to allow a node (element) to be processed multiple times, such as in
the normal processing and in the creation of the table of contents,
without having its "label" (link destination) redefined.

> I use JadeTeX 3.5 and pdfTeX 3.14159-13d on Linux. Is this a JadeTeX
> problem or a pdfTeX problem? If this is a JadeTeX problem, is this by
> any chance fixed in a later version?
   Unfortunately, any simple "fix" for this would break other things.
If a reasonable approach could be designed for allowing labels to be
defined inside modes under only certain circumstances, perhaps it
could be worked into a new version of JadeTeX.
   Perhaps a parameter, which could be set in a jadetex.cfg file,
could be created which would be a list of modes in which labels should
be created.  For instance, JadeTeX currently creates labels within the
listitem-content-mode mode, an exception which appears to have been
established for the Modular Docbook Stylesheets.
   I'd code this up to propose for a future version of JadeTeX, but I
can barely find my way around TeX code, so I'm afraid I wouldn't know
how to start with something like this.  Any TeXnicians care to take a
shot at it?  The relevant code appears at approximately line 515 of

-Brandon :)

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