Re: (dsssl) Re: JadeTeX: link problem with pdftex

Subject: Re: (dsssl) Re: JadeTeX: link problem with pdftex
From: Brandon Ibach <bibach@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001 17:23:39 -0600
Quoting Ian Castle <ian.castle@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> I'm not sure if it is exactly the same - as the processing mode didn't
> seem to be the determining factor.
> The problem as far as I could see is that the way things are labelled
> causes white space to be generated (the comment around FlowObjectSetup
> is relevant to this). In places were this matters (a cell in a table for
> example), instead of invoking the \Node macro to label the text, the
> \FlowObjectSetup macro is called instead. This attempts, as far as I can
> see, to write out the appropriate label reference in the aux file.
> However, this seems to get ignored/doesn't work... All my attempts to
> have a macro to generate the label just result in extra white space...
> However, if I just hard code a call to \Label in at the right place it
> does work... Anyway, it ought to be fixable - I'm not sure how though...
> The end result is that labels in some nested objects are ignored.
> Oh - the node that generates the white space isn't one that actually
> needs to be labelled... so I was wondering wether a change to jade that
> simply emmitted \Label at appropriate places - rather than
> \Node{\def\Label... would do the trick..
   Actually, I think the problem you're describing is different.  The
situation I described had to do with an intentional design decision in
JadeTeX that did not suit our needs.  The problem you describe seems
to be a shortcoming in JadeTeX.
   I'm afraid I couldn't quite follow your description.  Do you have a
short example that demonstrates the problem?
   Keep in mind that \Label is just a variable that holds the label to
be created, and that \Node doesn't actually create the label.  That's
done in \FlowObjectSetup, as noted in the comment before its
definition (at line 2250 or so in jadetex.dtx).

-Brandon :)

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