(dsssl) HTML: glossary items do not have anchors set

Subject: (dsssl) HTML: glossary items do not have anchors set
From: "Ian Mayo" <DebriefTool@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2001 15:57:13 -0000
(Hopefully I'm re-submitting this to the correct list).

Hi everybody,

I'm having a great time producing RTF and HTML documents from my single SGML
source, but have come across a problem:

I have glossary links in my document, when they are clicked on in RTF form,
the reader is taken to the glossary entry.  However, when the link is
clicked on in HTML form, the reader is only taken to the top of the Glossary
page.  The link seems to be correctly formatted (the glossary page, then #,
then the glossary item id.  The problem seems to be because the Glossary
HTML file hasn't had the <A anchor tags set.

Am I doing something wrong with docbook?  Or is there a DSSSL modification
to make?  Of must I live with it?

Thanks in advance

Ian Mayo

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