RE: (dsssl) The Future of DSSSL: Concrete proposals

Subject: RE: (dsssl) The Future of DSSSL: Concrete proposals
From: "Didier PH Martin" <martind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2002 10:32:37 -0500
Hi Javier

Javier said:
There is a little document called "Jade Internals" which I discovered
lately. It has
some clues as to what
is done in Jade. But it is very limited, at least in the version I have
read. I have
tried to read it from
the link in netfolder and some error appears when looking for, the file is
missing, so I downloaded it
with wget.

Didier replies:
The problem may reside in your actual browser. As you noticed the HTML
document is compliant to the HTML 3.2 specifications. It is well known that
several Netscape and Explorer implementations do not support very well CSS
files. My recommendation is that you update to either one of these browsers:
a) Netscape 6.2
b) Mozilla 0.9.7
c) Explorer 6

I have checked the referred HTML documents with these browsers and the
documents where rendered as intended. With these browsers, you won't have
any problem seeing the "OpenJade internals" and probably won't have any
problem too viewing standard compliant files (or less frequent problems I
should say).

Didier PH Martin

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