RE: (dsssl) DSSSL Documentation Project - up for adoption

Subject: RE: (dsssl) DSSSL Documentation Project - up for adoption
From: Tony Graham <Tony.Graham@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2002 10:39:36 +0000
DPawson@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote at 25 Jan 2002 07:50:33 -0000:
 > > Of course, a standalone name would be nice... so that the information
 > > could be moved around more easily... I notice that 
 > > is owned by
 > > someone, but it doesn't seem to be active in anyway. However, it looks
 > > like it is due for renewal in March..... so, if it were to become
 > > available.....
 > Now that *is* a good idea.
 > Surely it must be someone on the list? is registered to in Boston, U.S.A. is registered to "tag switch" in San Diego, U.S.A.

Since the DSSSL Documentation Project hasn't changed in nearly four
years, what is a new location going to do for it?


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