Re: (dsssl) DSSSL Documentation Project - up for adoption

Subject: Re: (dsssl) DSSSL Documentation Project - up for adoption
From: Brandon Ibach <bibach@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2002 05:56:23 -0600
Quoting Tony Graham <Tony.Graham@xxxxxxx>:
> Since the DSSSL Documentation Project hasn't changed in nearly four
> years, what is a new location going to do for it?
   Not much.  However, if it opens things up a little for people to
contribute some updates and additions, it can't hurt.  I suggested to
Tommie that we could put the site up under the OpenJade SourceForge
site, and set it up as a "sub-project" there, thus placing the source
documents under CVS.
   For what it's worth, I've been hacking away at a DSSSL
Transformation Language tutorial, partly to make sure I've got it all
straight in my own head, and partly to see if I can generate some
excitement about the possibilities that exist in getting it
implemented.  If that goes well, perhaps I can do some more tutorials
on other topics that are more relevant to current usage, such as basic
Scheme/Expression Language stuff.
   Of course, the beauty of SourceForge is that it lends itself to
collaborative efforts, so I could spit out some material, and someone
else, who might be more inclined toward editing and such, could
massage it into a nicer form, or possibly even take some raw text and
mark it up with Docbook.
   Anyway, I'm open to comments from others who have commented on this
topic.  Would placing this material in OpenJade CVS and making the
"products" (such as what is on the Mulberry site now) available at be a good way to go?

-Brandon :)

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