(dsssl) DSSSL Documentation Project

Subject: (dsssl) DSSSL Documentation Project
From: "Paul Tyson" <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2002 11:42:36 -0800

I would like to take some first steps toward reviving the DSSSL
documentation project.  I propose to:

    1. Upgrade all source documents to DocBook 4.1.
    2. Consolidate the existing pieces into one document so that appearance
and navigation is consistent throughout.  I will follow the proposed outline
for the DSSSL Handbook.
    3. Merge material from Flow Object Class Reference with that of Flow
Object Gallery; also combine Procedure Library and Cookbook.

What I want to produce at this stage is a fully navigable DSSSL Handbook
that incorporates all the current material plus any contributions that come
in along the way.  (Brandon, how about your TL tutorial?)  There will still
be a lot of blank pages.

As for where the documentation lives, I wouldn't like to see it bundled too
closely with openjade.  If Mulberry can keep it that's fine, or if someone
acquires a dsssl domain name that would be best.


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