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Subject: Re: (dsssl) Fw: [OpenJade-devel] Development
From: "Didier PH Martin" <martind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 14:40:54 -0500
Hi Paul,

Since OpenJade is both open source and can process xml documents I do not
think that it would be a problem for Ideallaiance to consider a presentation
about OpenJade. I already made a presentation about Openjade at XML USA, so
I do not think that it could be a problem for XML Europe. However I think
that you'll need to do it fast the dealine is for March 1st. Javi do not
have to submit a full paper at this time, just a proposal and a bio.

Didier PH Martin
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Subject: (dsssl) Fw: [OpenJade-devel] Development

> Javier has the right idea about presenting at XML Europe.  The deadline
> for late-breaking news proposals is March 1 (tomorrow, from my time
> zone).
> I regret I don't have the resources to attend, but it would be great if
> someone (or more) submitted a proposal.  Instructions are at
>  I have presented at a
> past XML Europe conference, and would gladly assist someone prepare the
> paper or develop demos.
> I have heard rumors in past years that the editorial preference of GCA's
> XML conferences is to neglect or ignore topics related to the ISO
> standards--SGML, DSSSL, and HyTime.  The program committee might not
> even be interested in this type of proposal, but it wouldn't hurt to
> try.
> The next good conference for presentation would be Extreme Markup in
> August.
> --Paul
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> Subject: [OpenJade-devel] Development
> ... [openjade development stuff deleted by Paul Tyson]
> Another question I have for the list, and perhaps someone can help me. I
> have lately noticed that in Barcelona, in may I think, there will be
> organized
> XML Europe. I just happen to live in Barcelona, and I suppose it would
> be
> a nice place to explain the developments that are being done to
> OpenJade.
> I have also some things I could offer, like explanations about groves,
> and
> about DSSSL in general and in particular. I don't know if some of you
> are
> in contact with this people, or you know what should be done. I am
> university
> professor and I know that you must send a previous draft about what you
> are going to say, but the reality is that now I don't have anything to
> send
> (about OpenJade, because about DSSSL I have many things I could offer
> for
> the meeting), but in two or three months there will be some things worth
> explaining.
> Javi
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