Re: (dsssl) Null Caracter

Subject: Re: (dsssl) Null Caracter
From: Jose Waldemar <bohner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 12:41:31 -0300 (BRT)
Hi Brandon.
Thank you for help me.

I tested your code.

>      (element simpara
>        (if (string=? "" (data (current-node)))
>            (make paragraph
>              break-before: 'page
>              (literal " "))
>            (make paragraph
>              (process-children))))
>    How is the "hidden character" that you had in mind different from a
> character that makes no mark upon the page, like a space?  Playing
> with control characters (such as the null, or 0) that are outside of
> the normal range dealt with in SGML is likely to cause problems.

And I wrote a similar code.

 (element para
       (if (string=? "" (data (current-node)))   ;;IF I HAVE <para></para>
             (make simple-page-sequence
             (make paragraph
             break-before: 'page
               (literal " ")))			 ;;THE QUESTION IS HERE
           (make paragraph	                 ;;ELSE
               first-line-start-indent: 1cm

If I use (literal " ") or (literal ""), and I have <para></para>
   the conditional don't work.

If I use (literal "."), "." or another caracter, and I have <para></para>
the conditional work very well, and the dsssl insert a page who have only
a caractere inside "".

If I can insert (literal " "), I can insert a
blank page in my document.
But I think it's not possible.

Maybe, if inside " ", I insert a hidden caracter, or I represent a hidden
caracter, I will can insert a blank page in my document.

Well, no problems, it's only curiosity.
: )

Thank you again.


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