Re: (dsssl) Null Caracter

Subject: Re: (dsssl) Null Caracter
From: Brandon Ibach <bibach@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 16:22:05 -0500
Quoting Jose Waldemar <bohner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> For example:
> (element para
> (make paragraph
>  (literal "X")
>  (process-children)))
> If I insert tag <para> , in my text will appear the X caracter in the
> start of my paragraph, right?
   That's right.

> If i want to insert a paragraph
> and I don't want to use a definition "first-line-start-indent: 1cm",
> for example.
> If I want to use an code like U-0009 to ident my para, is it possible?
> Is it wrong?
> Where I insert the U-0009 code, and how?
   Honestly, I don't know offhand what effect this would have in
formatted output.  How would the formatter (such as TeX) know how much
to indent the paragraph when it sees the tab character?
   If you really don't want to use "first-line-start-indent", how
about a line-field object?

     (element para
       (make paragraph
         (make line-field field-width: 1cm)

>  If I want to insert an hidden caracter in my paragraph
> for example. Do I use U-0000 code?
> In my example, Do I substitute (literal "X") for ?(hidden)? (literal), or
> I need to use the U-0000 code?
> And now, why am I trying to insert an hidden caracter in my DSSSL
> document?
> Because, If I can do this:
> (element para
> (make paragraph
>   (make simple-page-sequence
>       break-before: 'page)
>       (process-children)))))
> If I can do this,
> I can insert blank pages in my DSSSL documents and I answer
> the Jany's and Samanta's last discussion.
   Yes, I agree with your approach, however, why not just:

     (element simpara
       (if (string=? "" (data (current-node)))
           (make paragraph
             break-before: 'page
             (literal " "))
           (make paragraph

   How is the "hidden character" that you had in mind different from a
character that makes no mark upon the page, like a space?  Playing
with control characters (such as the null, or 0) that are outside of
the normal range dealt with in SGML is likely to cause problems.

> Sorry my vocabulary, because I'm learning how to speak english too.
   No problem.  DSSSL can work with most any human language. ;)

-Brandon :)

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