Re: (dsssl) Null Caracter

Subject: Re: (dsssl) Null Caracter
From: Brandon Ibach <bibach@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 11:20:27 -0500
Quoting Jose Waldemar <bohner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi Brandon.
> Thank you for help me.
   No problem. :)  Of course, I'm shooting in the dark just like you,
but having spent a lot of time in the dark, I've gotten pretty good
night vision. ;)

> I tested your code.
> >      (element simpara
> >        (if (string=? "" (data (current-node)))
> >            (make paragraph
> >              break-before: 'page
> >              (literal " "))
> >            (make paragraph
> >              (process-children))))
> >
> >    How is the "hidden character" that you had in mind different from a
> > character that makes no mark upon the page, like a space?  Playing
> > with control characters (such as the null, or 0) that are outside of
> > the normal range dealt with in SGML is likely to cause problems.
> And I wrote a similar code.
>  (element para
>        (if (string=? "" (data (current-node)))   ;;IF I HAVE <para></para>
>              (make simple-page-sequence
>              (make paragraph
>              break-before: 'page
>                (literal " ")))			 ;;THE QUESTION IS HERE
>            (make paragraph	                 ;;ELSE
>                first-line-start-indent: 1cm
>                (process-children))))
   I don't think you actually need the simple-page-sequence in there,
and it probably isn't actually legal, though the backends may allow
it, as this object isn't meant to be nestable (inside another
simple-page-sequence, that is).

> If I use (literal " ") or (literal ""), and I have <para></para>
>    the conditional don't work.
> If I use (literal "."), "." or another caracter, and I have <para></para>
> the conditional work very well, and the dsssl insert a page who have only
> a caractere inside "".
> If I can insert (literal " "), I can insert a
> blank page in my document.
> But I think it's not possible.
> Maybe, if inside " ", I insert a hidden caracter, or I represent a hidden
> caracter, I will can insert a blank page in my document.
   Hmm... looks like the formatter is trying to be "smart" by not
doing the page break when there's only whitespace in there.  Maybe try
(literal "\U-00A0;"), which would be a non-breaking space.  It won't
print anything on the paper, but might still force the page break.

-Brandon :)

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