Re: (dsssl) Heresy

Subject: Re: (dsssl) Heresy
From: Ian Zimmerman <itz@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 04 Apr 2003 10:26:26 -0800
Tim> I use DSSSL for transforming XML into RTF and HTML in particular.
Tim> Is it possible to perform such functions of DSSSL using XSLT or other
Tim> technologies?

Ken> I must confess that I have migrated all of my DSSSL work to XSLT and
Ken> XSL-FO and do no further work with DSSSL.

Another point is that regardless of how I feel about XSL itself, the
mature backends all seem to involve java and pdf, which I shun in
favor of TeX, dvi and ps.

"This is the patent age of new inventions
For killing bodies, and for saving souls,
All propagated with the best intentions." 
George Gordon, lord Byron

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