Re: (dsssl) Heresy

Subject: Re: (dsssl) Heresy
From: Ian Zimmerman <itz@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 04 Apr 2003 20:08:25 -0800
Paul> You should know that you can program any special-purpose
Paul> solution you want, but for specifying tree transformations in a
Paul> standard way using a general-purpose language there is nothing
Paul> close to DSSSL.  People are "satisfied" with XSLT because they
Paul> don't imagine anything better (to paraphrase Ted Nelson), or,
Paul> like Ken Holman, they have to follow the money.

<bait>So is there ever going to be a free implementation of the full
DSSSL spec?</bait> 

"This is the patent age of new inventions
For killing bodies, and for saving souls,
All propagated with the best intentions." 
George Gordon, lord Byron

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