Re: (dsssl) simple loop question

Subject: Re: (dsssl) simple loop question
From: Ian Zimmerman <itz@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 10 Apr 2003 09:12:57 -0700
Mirek> Hi, I have simple problem with processing node list in loop. I
Mirek> do not know where to put increment condition (finally I comment
Mirek> it out and jade is processing only the first element as
Mirek> expected).

DSSSL is a functional language, so use recursion instead of iteration,
or even better, use higher order functions.  I haven't checked your
code for anything else, but this should convey the idea:

(define wrap-with-mi (lambda (#!optional (nl (children (current-node))))
        (map (lambda (n) (if (equal? 'data-char (node-property 'class-name n))
                             (make element gi: "mi"
                             (literal (string (node-property 'char n))))))
                         (process-node-list cn)

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