Character entities in DSSSL stylesheet

Subject: Character entities in DSSSL stylesheet
From: "N. Raghavendra" <raghu@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 15:01:08 +0530

I want to use an entity reference like this in a DSSSL stylesheet:

  (define *author-name* "&author;")

`author' has been previously declared as

  <!ENTITY author "Fname&nbsp;Surname">

When I process a DocBook document with OpenJade to output HTML, it
ignores `&nbsp;' and just gives "FnameSurname" (no space).

Any ideas on how to do this?


PS: I had posted this on the `docbook-apps' list, and was directed
here.  I request the intersection of the two lists to excuse the

I had sent this message earlier to dssslist, but it bounced because I
had forgotten the `subject' header.

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