Re: [dssslist] macro and XPath features?

Subject: Re: [dssslist] macro and XPath features?
From: Javier Farreres <spanish@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2005 11:43:06 +0200
Hi Oleg

I mean something like "define-syntax" or "define-macro". Something that
can introduce new syntax to the language.

DSSSL being a Scheme descendant, has the (define clause that allows you to define anything.

* Does DSSSL have an analogue of XPath?

Yes, the analogue of XPath is DSSSL Query Language. Although, as DSSSL is based on Groves, the internals is different.

It's not a problem. It can be compacted by analogue of SXPath from Scheme SXML tools. Thank you for pointing to SDQL.

* quasiquote

It seems it's supported. That's nice.

What do you mean by quasiquote? sorry?


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