RE: [jats-list] Versions of an article

Subject: RE: [jats-list] Versions of an article
From: "Lizzi, Vincent" <Vincent.Lizzi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 9 May 2013 18:24:17 +0000

In our customization of JATS we've added an attribute for tracking the version
of an article. The attribute identifies certain stages that tie in with our
online display, i.e. 'just-accepted', 'final', and a few stages in between. If
you want to be more specific, you could define an attribute to hold a revision

If you want to use standard JATS tags and use IANA link relations types, not
knowing how you track revisions I'd suggest something like this:

<!-- timestamp to identify version of the article -->
<pub-date date-type="version" iso-8601-date="2013-05-09T13:49:20-4:00"/>

<!-- DOI link to current version of the article via CrossRef -->
<self-uri content-type="latest-version"

<!-- link to a version history page that your system would generate from all
available versions -->
<self-uri content-type="version-history"

<!-- links to previous versions -->
<self-uri content-type="predecessor-version"
<self-uri content-type="predecessor-version"

You could choose between having a system generated version history page, or
having each version include links to previous versions (or do both).

I agree with Bruce's comment about using one DOI to identify an article across
all versions of the article.


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This isn't an answer to your question, but a comment about DOI. You should
assign a DOI to a work, not a manifestation. If you assign a DOI to each
version of an article, many applications will fail to link because you'll have
multiple DOIs that have the same metadata.
It's better to assign one DOI and then have the landing page show each version
of the article.


At 12:59 PM 5/9/2013, Alf Eaton wrote:
>Does anyone have any experience with marking up links to previous
>versions of an article in JATS, and also marking up the version number
>of the current article?
>The previous versions of the article will all have their own URLs and
>DOIs, so I was thinking that the "related-article" element would make
>sense. There doesn't seem to be an existing @related-article-type
>attribute meaning "previous version", but HTTP link relations[1]
>include "predecessor-version" and "successor-version", which could be

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