Re: [jats-list] JATS4R draft recommendation for Conflict of Interest statements now open

Subject: Re: [jats-list] JATS4R draft recommendation for Conflict of Interest statements now open
From: "Charles O'Connor coconnor@xxxxxxxxxxxx" <jats-list-service@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2018 16:43:50 -0000
There was a discussion of this topic on the Google doc while it was open. This
is the last thread I have. I don't know how or whether it was resolved (see

Two clarifications about comments in this thread: 1) the model for fn-type is
CDATA, so both "conflict" and "COI-statement" would be valid in JATS 1.1
(blue). 2) The PMC recommendation for JATS 1.1 is to use "conflict" in Blue
and "COI-statement" in Green. I have no information on the reasoning behind
the difference.

-Charles (AKA Joebob Jones)


Christina Von Raesfeld replied to a comment on Conflict of Interest Statements
- Draft Recommendation.docx
Joebob Jones
Why "COI-statement" as the value? The JATS tag library recommends "conflict"
for conflict of interest statements, and I know many publishers use
"conflict". Are there also many who currently use "COI-statement"? If not,
then this would create a split with much legacy XML that would otherwise
already conform to this recommendation.
 Luciano Panepucci
I agree. We have been using "conflict" as suggested in JATS[1].

I just checked the PMC tagging guidelines and to my surprise it specifies
"COI-statement"[2]. I wander when was this changed or was it always like this?
(couldn't find in the update history)



Christina Von Raesfeld
@fn-type="COI-statement" is invalid in the JATS Journal Publishing (Blue) DTD.
We use @fn-type="conflict", and PMC does dictate @fn-type="conflict" for the
Blue DTD:

"For a COI statement captured as <fn> in the Journal Publishing (Blue) DTD,
use @fn-type="conflict". Otherwise, use the appropriate content type attribute
with a value "COI-statement"."

Also, we do not include the "Competing interests:" label in the footnote and
instead rely on both our and PMC's software to render a "Competing Interests:"
label in front of all @fn-type="conflict" footnotes. If you include the label
in the fn/p, as shown in the JATS4R examples, then it will result in a double
label in the PMC rendering.

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On 7 December 2017 at 18:24, Kelly McDougall kmcdouga@xxxxxxx
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> Hello JATS users,
> JATS4R working group has developed a draft recommendation for the tagging of
Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest/Competing Interest statements. This
recommendation is open for comment. Please make comments on  the google doc
qDU/edit?usp=sharing>, which is publicly available. The deadline for adding
comments is Friday, January 5th, 2018.
> All the best,
> Kelly McDougall
> JATS4R Standing Committee

If it's not too late (the doc no longer allows comments, so it may be, but I
only just saw this note), I'd like to point out that the JATS documentation
already includes an example of marking up "conflicts of interest" statements
with `fn-type="conflict"`:

This can be used in article XML as follows:

<fn-group content-type="competing-interests">
    <title>Competing Interests</title>
    <fn id="conflict-1" fn-type="conflict">
        <p>The authors declare there are no competing interests.</p>



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