Re: Any examples of server side XML apps. using XSL for client presentation.

Subject: Re: Any examples of server side XML apps. using XSL for client presentation.
From: "Kent Fitch" <kent.fitch@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 1998 16:50:07 +1000
From: Amit Rekhi <amitr@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

>            Would anyone be knowing of :-
>1) Any real time server side XML applications which use XSL stylesheet
> files
>(along with an XSL processor) to process and present XML data to the
> client?

Depends what you mean by "real time" - we have a "batch" reporting
system which works like this:
- user requests from a Java client are given to a Java server
- the Java server emits a stream of XML which is sent by
  TCP/IP to another machine (NT)
- this XML stream is written to a file
- MSXSL is invoked to process the XML with a user-specified
  XSL (old version!) stylesheet
- the resulting file (HTML or CSV format) is mailed to the
  user as an attachment

To improve response time the XML stream in processed in chunks of
about 100K-200K where possible (sibling children of the root
node); hence input XML production and output production can
overlap, which is significant for us as generation and
formatting occur on 2 separate machines (Solaris and NT).
To cater for very large output which is impractical
to email or for users to view in browsers as a single document,
we also create a table of contents and store it and the
forward/backward linked "chapters" on a web server and just 
email the TOC.

Probably significantly for your question, we have found
MSXSL running on a pentium-II 300MHz 128MB to be 
much quicker than we anticipated - when running small documents
with a small stylesheet, it typically takes way less than
a second to run.  Larger documents (~100K) with fairly
complicated stylesheets (30K, lots of rules, lots of
ECMAScript) usually only take an elapsed second or 2 or 3.

About 50% of our "batch jobs" complete in an elapsed time
of < 10 secs, where time is measured from job acceptance
to completion of mailing the output to the first mail hop,
and trivial jobs take 4 secs.

Of course, MSXSL now uses a deprecated form of XSL, so
you'd only use it after careful thought!!

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