Re: 2.6 patterns: let's try variations on the XML syntax

Subject: Re: 2.6 patterns: let's try variations on the XML syntax
From: Andy Dent <dent@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 1998 10:57:00 +0800
At 6:14 AM +0800 27/8/98, Dave Peterson wrote:
>Have you ever run into a serious program-writing interface that shielded
>the programmer from the syntax of the language?

As both a framework designer and UI designer I took a Human Factors
approach to designing the OOFILE database language API. We refined the
syntax with a lot of mailing-list discussion, and were ruthless about
throwing out syntax that could lead to misunderstandings due to ambiguities
or existing assumptions.

The process worked. It requires a degree of openness and cooperation that
is not always possible on commercial products, but as a philosophy seems
possible on xsl-list and related lists.

Remember that the number of people who will suffer from awkwardness in the
API dwarfs the number of current users (MFC being an extreme example of
this issue).

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