Re: XSL in IE 5.0, or is it?

Subject: Re: XSL in IE 5.0, or is it?
From: "James Tauber" <jtauber@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 1998 00:17:27 +0800
>Am I out to sea, here?  I had previously gathered from discussions on this
>list that there were only a few miner differences like <eval> between IE
>5.0 and the W3C draft, but after working with them they're like night and
>day.  Is Microsoft simply going off on their own? If so, are they likely to
>come back to the fold before final release of IE 5.0?  Or do they know
>something about future directions of XSL within the W3C that I don't?  More
>access to current standards discussions would sure help a lot. But right
>now I'm very confused about what I should do.

I would guess that IE5 implements things that have been worked out within
the XSL working group but not put into a public draft yet.

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