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Subject: Re: Venting
From: Paul Prescod <paul@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 04 Feb 1999 08:15:34 -0600
Don Park wrote:
> Excellent!.  Looks like the decision to split the spec can not be made by
> the XSL WG without having the XSL charter changed.  Now we just need to find
> out who can change the charter and what the process is for changing it is so
> that the XSL WG members can split the XSL spec.

There is an XML oversight group whose responsibility it is to make sure
that these specifications work nicely together. XSL's role in the XML
world has shifted over the last year. It is time to re-evaluate its
appropriate place in the XML hierarchy. It is not exclusively the domain
of style application anymore.

What we need to do is prepare a formal submission ("the transformation
manifesto") to that group and to the XML community. It should 

 a) describe the reasons that the languages should be split
 b) document the concensus behind that belief

As part of this effort I have started to collect posts in favor of the
split. We can use the volume of posts to demonstrate the extreme desire of
the community, the content of the posts as cannon fodder and we can
contact all of the authors of the posts so that they can become co-signers
of the manifesto. Here is the start of my list. People can send me other
URLs *OFF LINE* (check your bleeping reply-to header).

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