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Subject: Re: Venting
From: Guy_Murphy@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 1999 15:08:52 +0000
Hi Rick.

Like yourself, I am actually largely concerned with server-side mark-up.
99% of what I do is concerned with the server-side. It'll be at least a
year before I'm likely to experience the joy of FOs rendered in the
browser..... this isn't an excuse to be short sighted.

There are already 101 solutions for producing server-side mark-up, with XML
or with 101 other possible data formats. What we need is a solution that
has a smooth flow from XML to rendered content in the browser, with
transformation on the client-side allowing scalability, rather than the
server. Server-side solutions will continue to move forward, it's the
client-side that is in need of inovation.

With XML/XSL fully supported on the client, the server is left the task of
data retrieval and aggregation, not preparing renderable content for the
browser. Examine a large ASP application.... and almost criminal waste of


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Hi Guy,
I am all in favor of browser manufacturers providing full-featured
implementations of both transformations and formatting objects - truly I
Your desire for a real styling language is something I think many of us
The fact is, however, that you can count the significant browser
manufacturers on one hand - but the number of firms leveraging the power of
XML transformation processing in server-side applications could eventually
reach into the thousands, even the tens of thousands.
If the outcome is that ONLY a browser manufacturer can reasonably create an
implementation of 100% of the XSL spec, then should all others in the
segment appear to fall short of the mark? Surely this cannot be reasonable?
Again, I reiterate that I have great hopes that browser manufacturers will
do well in their implementations of XSL - but it does not seem appropriate
to address their needs so singularly, to the exclusion of all others.
This entire XML marketplace will move forward faster if customers have
confidence in their understanding of its purpose and value. The
marketability of leading/bleeding edge tools is a critical driver, and it
merits deeper consideration as a factor.

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