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Subject: Re: Venting
From: Guy_Murphy@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 1999 15:00:09 +0000
Hi Paul.

The problem you where expressing....

It is a big deal because people come to a language called "XSL" with
expectations. When I show them XT with DocBook output they say: "I don't
see anything that remotely resembles style application." Well, I say,
"Style application is ONE thing you can do with XSL but only one. It isn't
REALLY a style language at all. Or, to be precise, it has two parts and
the two parts together are a style language but if you throw away one part
you end up with something which is much more general and in many ways much
more powerful. Sorry. I'm confusing you. Let me back up. You take the XSL
style language and you throw away the style part and you get this cool
transformation language. What's it called? Well, it doesn't really have a
name. It's XSL without the style parts."

... and which I was addressing, was the difficulties in explaining XSL as
it is currently being implimented. The point to stress here is *currently
being implimented*...This isn't a fundemental flaw in the language but
instead difficulties in dealing with the languages development.

When FOs are supported by browsers I think the above broblem that you
expressed will be alot easier to address.

Concerning the current draft in relation to the above... imagine the FOs
where currently supported by the browser, but we didn't have transforming
parsers.... it would most definately be considered a style language. To my
mind in the final Rec, the transformative part of XSL is the means by which
you get to the FOs.... seems quite consistent and whole to me. For the life
of me I don't see the flaw.


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Guy_Murphy@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi.
> The fundamental flaw with your "venting" here is that you are addressing
> language that hasn't been finished yet, never mind implimented.
Guy, the flaw we point out is fundamental to XSL and will remain in the
"finished" language unless someone changes something.
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