Re: Splitting XSL

Subject: Re: Splitting XSL
From: "Don Park" <donpark@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 6 Feb 1999 04:51:05 -0800

The proposal looks great.

>Due to the current organization of XSL there are many "XSL
>implementations" that have nothing to do with formatting.  Currently there
>is nothing the W3C can do to discourage these "half-implementations"
>without also discouraging the use of the transformation language as a
>basis for electronic commerce and data interchange. Not only has the W3C
>not discouraged these half implementations, one of them is by an editor
>of the XSL specification and others are by W3C members!

I think the last sentence rubs rather too harshly.

>The signatories to this document do not herein propose any change to
>the specification-making process. Opinions vary widely on the best way
>to create technical specifications. We do all agree that it is the user
>community's right to complain when technology creators do not meet their
>needs. We invoke that right in the issue of the XSL language.

Sounds good.  We promise not to touch the car radio if they let us ride
along <g>.

I think we have more rights than just rights of the user community.  W3C
is/was partly funded/sponsored/hosted by governments via MIT, DARPA, INRIA,


Don Park

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