RE: Time taken to impliment FOs?....

Subject: RE: Time taken to impliment FOs?....
From: "Didier PH Martin" <martind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 15:22:16 -0500
HI Guy

I was under the (possibly wrong) impression that as rendering of XML with
CSS is possible there must be a high degree of seperation between the
rendering engine and the interpreter, where did I go wrong in this notion?
I confess to not knowing enough about how a browser rendering engine works
under the hood.

We are going toward that but not there yet. The next CSS2 implementation and
DOM2 force to get this separation. Off course the new object are derived
from what was there but the engines are not clearly separated. Form+ will be
and Mozilla MGlayout also. But this is work in progress. IE 5.b2 is based on
Form+ (early release) and is more closer to the objective and this is why
you can render xml with CSS (in fact, CSS is forcing engines to get this
separation). In NG layout we have to clean the bug count. But both do not
have an external plug, just internal function calls (DOM1 is too limited to
offer external plug but DOM2 is more complete). Next version will include
external plug either as DOM2 or as an other kind of API. But the struggle
now is with stability (i.e. bug catching :-) this may take some month for

Didier PH Martin

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