Time taken to impliment FOs?....

Subject: Time taken to impliment FOs?....
From: Guy_Murphy@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 12:07:23 +0000

My participation in the "Venting" thread is getting rather circular, so I
thought I'd step sideways.

One of the recuring themes that I've found in this thread is that FOs will
probably be a long way off being implimented. I wanted to question this
assumption to see how true it might be, but I'm aware that there are others
on the list, hopefuly some people involved with Gecko, that might be better
able to comment on this.

I would draw to attention, the radical change MS made between IE3 and 4,
and the *huge* sweeping changes it made to its DOM, and to a leaser extent
it's rapid integration of XML and relatd technology in IE5.

With NS, what was looking like a slow moving progress quickly got turned
around when it turned open source, resulting in the quick emergence of

So the question is, would it take so very long for NS and MS to impliment

It XSL became a Rec in August, this time next year might we be seeing the
betas of IE & NN 6 with FOs implimented?

If the answer is that the browser manufacurer can move quickly to impliment
new technology into their browsers, then whether they do so or not becomes
less a matter of ability, and more a consideration of intent and will to
allocate development resource amidst competing product requirements. If
this is the case do we wish to weaken the insentive for their inclusion of
FO support into their browsers by weakening the position of FOs within the
XSL Rec?


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