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Subject: RE: Venting
From: Ed Nixon <ed.nixon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 20:17:45 -0500
Simon -

Are you trying to provoke? I think you should sit back and give your head a shake. 

We're all here, more or less, because this technology allows us to call things what they *are*. 

A 'margin note' is a margin note not 'linked content'. A person's needs are a person's needs. Let it be.


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>On Thu, 11 Feb 1999, Simon St.Laurent wrote:
>> And honestly, why are footnotes and margin notes really the domain of the
>> W3C?  What do these ancient forms have to do with the Web?
>I for one very much need to be able to use one document with different
>style sheets to produce both a printed book and a Web site, preferably
>automatically.  XML isn't just for the Web. Neither is XSL. Nor should
>they be.

But come on, really.  Is it the job of the W3C to recreate every creative
formatting that was ever used in a book, when both margin notes and
footnotes are really just plain old linked content?  Pagination, fine.  But


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