Re: Venting

Subject: Re: Venting
From: Håkon Wium Lie <howcome@xxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1999 10:43:14 +0100 (MET)
Chris Maden wrote:

 > > But the CSS spec already does just about everything out there;
 > Except non-European layout

CSS2 has special support for left-to-right and right-to-left scripts.
This takes us outside of Europe, but not all the way to Mongolia.
There is nothing which prevents you from using CSS with vertical
scripts, but some convenience functions (e.g. margin collapsing) will
not work.

 > bottom-of-page footnotes

True. There are proposals on the table to support this through
floating elements, e.g.:

  FOOTNOTE { float: bottom }

 > synchronized flows

No proposals have been discussed.

 > margin notes

Floating elements can be used:

    float: left;
    margin-left: -8em;
    width: 6em;

 > format-dependent content (page numbers in cross-references)

The first-line pseudo-element is an example of format-dependent
content in CSS:

  P:first-line { font-variant: small-caps }

Page numbers in cross references have been discussed, but there is no
concrete proposal on the table.


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