RE: Fw: CSS and XSL

Subject: RE: Fw: CSS and XSL
From: "Borden, Jonathan" <jborden@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1999 11:51:33 -0500
Simon St.Laurent wrote:
> On the other hand, I think it actually complicates the task of creating
> fixed styles for particular elements - there's no way (yet) to specify a
> default child element and its attributes using an XML DTD or (if
> I remember
> right) a schema.  Since different elements would need different default
> styles, this could get even more complex, and XML DTDs lack any mechanism
> (like CSS selectors) for identifying location within a tree of elements.

	It should be possible to combine the two approaches. A default style
attribute can be specified in an XML DTD. When a style="x" or class="x"
attribute exists, locally applied style attributes should cascade onto the
attributes specified in the DTD, thus XSL can be used to apply style on a
tree location dependent fashion, either with the use of css:chunk or using
predefined styles in a external css sheet.

Jonathan Borden

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