Re: Simple API for XSL?

Subject: Re: Simple API for XSL?
From: Tyler Baker <tyler@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 10:55:39 -0500
Tim McCune wrote:

> I went ahead and wrote an interface that lets us switch XSL processors by
> changing one line of code.  The interface is pretty simple so far:
> public String process(Document xml, String stylesheetName) throws
> XSLProcessorImplException;
> I then wrote implementations of this interface for LotusXSL and XSLP.  What
> other methods would be useful in such an interface?

A lot of XSL processors I would suspect won't use the DOM for the source tree
or even the stylesheet, one popular case in point is XT.  This simple XSL API
had quite a lot of discussion for a while and then degenerated into SAX vs. DOM
debates about what to use for both the input interfaces as well as the result
interfaces.  I suggested having the XSLProcessor be able to use DOM, SAX or
both for both the input and output.

Someone suggested recently that XSL Processors are in a sense a black box.  I
think that is a relatively accurate description.  For simple processing needs,
an API like Tim is suggesting I think makes sense here.



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