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Subject: Re: <xsl-script>
From: Paul Prescod <paul@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 02:20:20 -0500
Marcus Carr wrote:
> I realise that it's off-track, but I'd be interested if you would outline a
> couple of these differences. They don't jump up and grab me, though I'm
> admittedly not as fluent in XSL as I would like to be.

XSL's strength and weakness is that it provides access to the entire tree
at once. As an extreme example, it is easy in XSL to write a script that
reverses the order of elements in a document but I imagine that would be
quite difficult in Omnimark. XSL has a highly sophisticated query language
built-in with full tree access.

On the other hand, Omnimark is likely to be more efficient because it
doesn't depend on having the entire tree. Omnimark's textual patten
matching is also much more sophisticated. Not many people use XSL for
conversion INTO XML from something else. because it is not set up to do
that easily.
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