RE: <xsl-script>

Subject: RE: <xsl-script>
From: "Jonathan Borden" <jborden@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 11 May 1999 23:10:52 -0400
David LeBlanc wrote:
> True, I don't have a lot of XSLT experience - nor do most people
> i'd guess.
> I do have some, what I would call related, experience.
> Based on your below example (even though I think you've shifted the focus
> of my issue which is the procedural elements (i.e. <xsl:if> etc.)),

	What definition of "procedural element" allows you to classify
"xsl:if","xsl:choose" or "xsl:when" in distinction to e.g.
"xsl:apply-templates" or "xsl:template"?

	My understanding of the term procedure is that it denote a functional unit
of programming, hence isn't an XSL template the abstract equivalent of a
Pascal procedure? Do you really mean to complain about the inclusion of
conditional tags in XSL?

Jonathan Borden

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