XSLT: conditional output, or l10n issues

Subject: XSLT: conditional output, or l10n issues
From: Kai.Grossjohann@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 19 May 1999 14:17:48 +0200
We have got XML files with attributes "xml:lang" in some elements.
The idea is that

    <name><langtext>John Smith</langtext></name>

specifies text which is valid for all languages, whereas

      <langtext xml:lang="de">Informationssysteme</langtext>
      <langtext xml:lang="en">Information Systems</langtext>

specifies different text for each language.  Now, we would like to
transform this into HTML (or XHTML) using XSLT (James Clark's xt
package).  I imagine I have two style sheets, one for German, one for
English, and the English style sheet neets to omit all langtext
elements where xml:lang="de" is specified.  Or, to express it the
other way round, it needs to include all langflow elements where
xml:lang isn't specified at all, as well as all langflow elements
where xml:lang="en" is specified.

How would I express this in XSLT?

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