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Subject: RE: <xsl-script>
From: James Robertson <jamesr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 18:06:03 +1000
At 16:38 28/05/1999 , Linda van den Brink wrote:

  | Free for non-commercial (educational & home)  use, I understood... 

Nope. The language itself it totally free, under all situations.
Like Perl, you can develop programs using only the language, and a text
editor. (And yes, it is designed to compete head-to-head with Perl,
and I guess XSL.)

What Omnimark are selling now is an IDE, which makes development
a bit easier. But it's certainly not necessary for actual
development. (I'm not going to start using it in the immediate
future: I like text editors.)

It's the IDE which is free for non-commercial use, but otherwise

  | I wonder how people will evaluate this cost/benefit analysis now that the
  | full version of OmniMark is free?
  | Rick Geimer
  | National Semiconductor
  | rick.geimer@xxxxxxx



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