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Subject: Re: <xsl-script>
From: James Robertson <jamesr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 09:51:45 +1000
At 05:48 12/05/1999 , David LeBlanc wrote:

  | This is in response to several posts.
  | Rick Geimer <rick.geimer@xxxxxxx> expressed concerns about maintaining
  | multiple languages on multiple platforms:
  | My notion of a <script> tag would include a specification for conforming
  | languages  including the requirement that such a language be multiplatform.
  | Imagine the flexibility of being able to use a language you're comfortable
  | with to do what you need to get done and know that it would be platform
  | independent too.
  | I think a reasonable set of requirements for a language that could be used
  | in a <script> tag would include:
  | 	1. Multiplatform.
  | 	2. Unicode.
  | 	3. Source embeddable.
  | Languages that *I* know of that are or soon will have such characteristics
  | are:
  | 	Pearl
  | 	Tcl
  | 	Python
  | 	Javascript
  | (If your favorite language got left out, I meant no slight - I just don't
  | know of them, or if they have or will soon have the above chareristics.)

Now, I'm in favour of a <script> tag. Otherwise, XSLT will be forced
to be everything for everyone. A truly huge beast.

However, doesn't support for an external, cross-platform, language
signal the end for a lightweight XSLT engine?

There will be a variety of XSLT engines, some embedded in browsers,
others not. They will run on every conceivable platform: Windows, Mac,
Unix, etc.

And every one of these would have to link in/reference/dynamically
link an interpreter/compiler/VM for each and every scripting language.

The code for an XSLT engine may be 500k. The code for the various
script engines could be 10meg+.

Does this mean no embedded XSLT systems? No XSLT for PalmPilots?

I just don't see a solution that will give transportability of
code and functionality. And if we can't seamlessly re-use XSLT
scripts, then why don't we just directly code the transforms
in Perl, Omnimark, Python, etc?

I just don't see how it's all meant to work.

Just my $0.02,


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