Re: multiple output files/getting command-line parameters in XT

Subject: Re: multiple output files/getting command-line parameters in XT
From: Miloslav Nic <nicmila@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 1999 12:51:52 +0200
I was working on similar problem (combination of XSL and perl).
Look at 
for my solution. You will find all sources here.

> Obviously it is not standard, but how, using XT, can I find the name
> of my output file? If I do
> Yes, I can start a new file as soon as I enter the document, under my
> control, but in that case how can I control the name of that from the
> Java command-line?
> More generally, relating to this question of splitting into multiple
> files, I take it we are NOT going to see any formal support for this
> in XSL 1.0?
> Would someone care to comment on how things work in an environment where
> an XML file is quietly transformed to HTML by a server, for older
> browsers? My test file is 3 mbytes of detailed gibberish, and the
> chances are that I will currently split it into many small parts, with
> some summary documents that reference those parts. How does the server
> engine manage this, not having `files' lying around?
> sebastian
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